Concrete and Block Walls in Mission Viejo

Concrete is usually the strongest material used to build a wall. Many consumers do, however, choose to create a block retaining wall or use block walls to enclose a garden. Block walls offer many options for shape, color, and style, allowing you to personalize the look and feel. We have experience creating both architectural and retaining walls from either concrete or block. There are various reasons people choose to erect walls. Some clients have interest in walls that add character to a property or structure. The most common walls we build are retaining walls used to separate or protect a particular area. Some choose concrete block walls strictly for decorative purposes.

At JKT Masonry and concrete we have building block walls for residential and commercial properties accross Orange County for many years and our team of experts are the right choice for your next project

Whether you are constructing a retaining wall or block wall for your home or business,  JKT has the solution.

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